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April 29, 2020

This release provides fixes for several bugs and new enhancements.

SLU (Shipwell Limited User Security)

Shipwell Limited Users (SLUs) are now required to create a platform password before accessing any content within the platform.

Company Administrators are still able to create SLUs (via ‘Add Contact’ on the Manage > Carriers page) ‘silently’ and invite them to submit a Bid on a Shipment, for example. When the SLU attempts to access this content for the first time, they must create a password for the platform and then sign in using his email and password to access the platform directly.

Broadcast actions added to routing guides

Broadcast actions are now available for Routing Guide steps mirroring the ability to start an auction and request bids.

A broadcast action sends Requests for Bid emails directly to a group of carriers and allows the Shipper to define the Book Now Rate on the Shipment when executed.

Layering broadcasts further increases the likelihood of an assignment. A timer may be set on broadcasts to delay moving to the next action. This way, several Broadcast may be lined up with an initial request sent to a small set of preferred carriers, following up with additional broadcasts increasing the Book Now Rate or set of carriers at each iteration.

Add load board actions to routing guides

Load Board actions are now available for Routing Guide steps that will automatically make the Shipment available to a broad set of carriers through Load Board access.

A Load Board action pushes the Shipment to the Load Board at a particular point in a Routing Guide’s flow and allows the Shipper to define the Book Now Rate when executed.

Layering Load Board actions further increases the likelihood of assignment. A timer may be set on the action to delay moving to the next action. This way, several Load Board “pushes” may be lined up, increasing the Book Now Rate at each iteration.

Line item weight clarification

The way line items display and calculate weight is now multiplied by the package weight of a single package to determine the total line item weight using the following fields:

  • Package Weight: the weight of one package (i.e., package, box, etc.).
  • Total Item Weight: a calculated field that is read-only and not editable. The new calculation now multiplies quantity by the package weight.

Signatures for multiple-stop BOL

BOLs now have a signature line for all entities involved in a shipment:

  • Shipper
  • Consignee
  • Carrier

Furthermore, each stop contains a signature. Footnotes at the bottom of the BOL explain the entities that are signing.

Signatures are available in the following modes:

  • FTL
  • LTL
  • VLTL

Add filters to routing guides

Shippers can filter a subset of guides based on criteria contained in a guide including:

  • Modes
  • Equipment
  • Status
  • Origins
  • Destinations
  • Effective Start and End Dates

Attach documents to SLAs

SLAs now supports the ability to attach documents similar to contracts.

Certain details associated with an arrangement between shippers and carriers may be contained in more traditional contract documentation, including schedules, terms and conditions, or other non-structured details that our platform does not support.

Contracts already make use of this function, where it may pertain to a given lane. Attaching to an overarching SLA may be more appropriate if it is a single document that covers all lanes (or a group of contracts). An example might include documented procedures for managing damages, delays, or other processing tasks. This document may apply to all lanes, contracts, and loads.

Since SLAs may be attached to one, several, or all contracts (and by extension all lanes and loads that leverage these contracts), attaching these types of documents to the SLA simplifies administration and ongoing maintenance.

Similar to documents used on contracts, files uploaded to the Company Profile may be linked from the SLA.

Error messages for bulk imports

Error messages have been added to the bulk Import tool for initial imports — before any validation steps can be performed.

Link products to purchase orders

Importing purchase orders with the bulk import tool now recognizes Item Reference Numbers included in an imported spreadsheet as actual Products on the platform.

If the imported Item reference number matches a product in the platform, the product details are added to the generated purchase order without requiring those details identified in the spreadsheet.

Bug Fixes

  • The “Instant Rates Available” tooltip now disappears when users click the Instant Rates tab.

  • When creating a new shipment, the following required fields now prompt errors unless correctly filled:

    • Stops
      • Company name: must have a company name
      • On Date: must have a valid date
    • Financials
      • If Bill-to option is set to “Collect,” Address – must contain a value address
  • When editing Company Information, the Location type error message is now more customer-friendly.

  • Carriers can no longer see Shipper’s tenders when viewing Marketplace.

API updates

New features

  • Added the ability to subscribe to all events with an “*” in the post, put and patch webhook endpoints
  • Updated API documentation to include API-specific release notes.

Events and webhooks

Events added

  • carrier.updated: A summary event that occurs when one or more fields of the top-level carrier resource are updated
  • carrier_relationship.updated: Occurs when one or more fields on the carrier relationship object are updated
  • invoice.line_item.updated: Occurs when one or more fields on the invoice line item are updated

Bug fixes

  • Fixed query parameter not returning expected events in the array
  • Fixed a bug with deleting a webhook
  • Fixed shipment.status.updated event not firing
  • Fixed purchase_order.[group].updated not firing
  • Fixed an issue with the events & webhooks not correctly showing up on

Updated 6 months ago

April 29, 2020

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