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August 20, 2020

This release, various enhancement to Parcel, and Routing Guide workflows increase the ease of use of the Shipwell platform.

Parcel Workflow Improvements

The following enhancements have been made to the parcel workflow offered through the platform:

  1. Company name is now an available field on the quote creation flow.
  2. You can now bill parcel shipments to different parties. The options for Bill To Payment include:
    • Collect
    • Recipient
    • Sender (default)
    • Third-Party
      Selecting either Collect, Recipient, or Third-party requires three additional fields:
    • Bill to Account id
    • Country
    • Zip Code

Manage Columns on Order Page

Users can now manage which columns display on the Order Page. Selecting a toggle on or off will control which columns show on the page. The user can also change the order in which they would like to see the columns.

Company Defaults for Routing Guides and Actions

Updates to Routing Guide Criteria and Actions now allow customers to save specific frequently used form values, so those values do not have to be reentered. These values include:


Data used as the context for when to use a Routing Guide, including mode, equipment, valid dates, and other details. Form values that may be used frequently and can be saved as default values are:

  • Modes
  • Equipment
  • Email (used to notify a user when some issue occurs with a Routing Guide - not used for shipment notifications)


Values that are frequently added to actions used on a Routing Guide. As an example, all tenders should use the same expiration time limit, or rates are always Per Mile.

  • Rate Type (Flat Rate or Per Mile)
  • Tender Expiration (how long a tender has before expiring)
  • Special Instructions (simple text that appears when requesting bids or sending a tender)
  • Step Timer (setting a time limit for Broadcast and Load Board actions before moving to the next step)

Default values are only used to pre-populate Routing Guide form fields when creating new Routing Guides from scratch or adding further actions to a guide.

Carrier & Equipment Cards Lists All Carriers

While assigning a carrier to a shipment on the Shipment Details > Carrier & Equipment card, users will now see Do Not Use carriers listed within the Carrier dropdown, in a disabled state.

Update List View Appearance

Lists views within the Shipwell application now have an updated appearance, intended to improve usability and legibility. Specific changes include:

  • A black border in the column header row delineates the column boundaries
  • The active row is now visually emphasized with a light-blue background

Power Units Page Updates

The Manage > Equipment > Power Units page now includes columns for Power Unit Status and Last Data Report. Additionally, the Name column on this page is now searchable.

Mobile Updates to Shipments and Weights


  • Shipment details now give a full map view, and now all allow drivers to check in to a stop using the map directly.

  • Made UI improvements to the messages screen.


  • Added override features and weight metric conversions to total weight calculations

Web UI Page Titles

Every page in the Shipwell platform now has a title, which appears under a browser’s Forward and Back buttons.

Bug Fixes

Load Board

  • The Quick Action button now no longer disappears when a user interacts with the column settings for the page
  • The Load Board list now displays the current Tender Amount for Requested and Accepted Tenders only

Parcel 0.01 Markup issue

Corrected an issue showing a -0.01 markup for UPS parcel shipments.

Order Search Field is Persistent

Before this release, if a user entered something in the search field on the order page and selected orders, the search field would disappear from the page, and the user would not be able to perform another search without deselecting their previous selection. Now, when making a selection, the user can continue to use the search field.

Updated 4 months ago

August 20, 2020

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