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What are real-time supply chain events?

Events are our way of letting you know when something interesting happens in your Shipwell supply chain account. When an event occurs, we create a new Event object. For example, when an order is created, we create a purchase_order.created event (coming soon); and when a carrier arrives at a location, we create a shipment.timeline_event.created event. Note that many API requests, especially update requests, may cause multiple events to be created.

Event objects are created whenever a semantic event occurs in the system. This is commonly triggered by a change in the state of an API resource or sub-resource, but is not exclusively that. There are three common patterns of events we've currently identified and most events fall into one of these categories: Object Created, Object Updated, Object Deleted. Since these three are so common, we have a common schema for sending them; all other events have an event-specific details section. These three types of events are easy to identify because they all end with .created, .updated, or .deleted respectively. The details of these bodies are outlined in the Types of Events page.

As with other API resources, you can use endpoints to retrieve an individual event or a list of events from the API. We also have a separate webhook publishing system for sending the Event objects directly to an endpoint on your server in real time. More information is available in our Using webhooks to trigger actions guide.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Access to events through the Retrieve Event API is guaranteed only for 60 days. Older events may be available, but this is not guaranteed.

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What are real-time supply chain events?

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