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November 27, 2020

This release highlights a new mobile app experience for owner-operators and international parcel support for existing parcel partners on the Shipwell platform.

Owner Operator - Mobile

Owner-operators can now book loads, set up assets, and send shipment tracking updates via the Shipwell Mobile app. Contact your Shipwell Customer Representative to convert your account.

Email Points of Contact through Shipment actions

A Shipment Contacts icon has been added to the Shipment Dashboard Actions column, allowing users to easily create email notifications to all Points of Contact associated with the shipment.

Company name filter

Two new filters have been added, allowing users to search by the company name associated with a shipment.

  • Pickup Company
  • Delivery Company

Tables setting improvements

All tables have defaulted to 50 rows. The tables that are affected are:

  • Dashboard
  • Loadboard
  • Orders
  • Carriers
  • Users
  • Customers
  • Address Book
  • Products
  • Drivers
  • Equipment
  • Routing Guides
  • Routing Guides > Contracts
  • Routing Guides > SLA
  • Shipment Requests

The table selector options are now consistent across all tables. Values users can select from are now the same for all tables:

  • 10
  • 20
  • 50
  • 100

Trailer # displays on Dashboard

Users can now add the Trailer # column to their shipment dashboard. When this column is activated, trailer #s that have been assigned to shipments will be displayed.

International Parcel Shipping

Customers now have the ability to ship international small parcel via the platform. This functionality is available for the following carriers:

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS

If an international address is entered in the stop address fields, the following additional fields will be required to ship internationally:

  • Number of Pieces

  • Value per Piece

  • Country of Manufacture

  • Order line items update shipment line items

If an order is added to a shipment and line items of the order are changed, the line items on the shipment that contains the order will also be updated. If any of the following actions are taken on an order's line items, the shipment will be updated.

  • Line item details are updated (qty, description, weight, dimensions, etc.)
  • Line items are added
  • Line items are deleted

Company custom data available to carriers and 3PLs

Anyone involved with a shipment will now have visibility to the customs data created by the other entities involved in the shipment. The data will only be viewable to users outside of the company for which the custom data was created. Only users of the company that created the custom data can make edits.

Bug fixes

  • New Carrier Receiving Old Carrier’s Rate Confirmation: A bug has been corrected to allow carriers to receive Rate Confirmations intended for other carriers when a shipment had to be re-tendered.

  • Default Tags by User Now Applied to Consolidation to Quote: If a user has default tags applied to their profile and orders are consolidated to a quote, the default tags are now being applied quote.

Updated about a month ago

November 27, 2020

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