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October 14, 2020

As the scale of the Shipwell platform grows, the need for further customization to meet your development needs becomes paramount. Therefore, the release emphasizes new custom field options for shipments and orders and global search, which simplifies how to find shipment information.

Stop statues

Stop statues allow dispatchers or administrators to track loads that contain details at the stop-level, including events and flags. Capturing these activities provide greater visibility to the progress of a load while in transit.

Stops can set many activities while en route to a stop or at the stop with reason codes when appropriate. For most common actions (like arriving and departing stops), capturing those events only requires selecting the time.

Stop flags call attention to potential issues that may need to be addressed, including running late or early, waiting, or generic alerts to be called out.

Flags can be added manually or automatically.

Additionally, certain stop events update the Shipment’s status, including Dispatched, At Pickup, Picked Up/In Transit, At Delivery, and Delivered.

Tender sorting in Routing Guide generation

Tenders added to a Routing Guide now automatically sort from the lowest to the highest rate. With this change, Routing Guides now include tenders and contracted rates. From the Routing Guide page in the Contracts section, select the contract or tenders rates which you want to add to a Routing Guide, and then select Create Guide.

Email notification expire within one month

For contracts that are about to expire, emails are now sent weekly, notifying shippers and 3PLs of the pending expiration.

Contract notifications are sent out weekly on Sundays at midnight for all contracts to expire in one month time.

Specifically, “expiring” means a contract is Active and has an End Date set to within one month.

Stop custom reference fields

You can now create custom data fields for stops that make up a shipment, which displays in the following areas:

  • New quote page
  • New shipment page
  • Shipment confirmation page
  • Shipment details page
  • New Order page
  • Order Detail page
  • BOL
  • Rate Confirmation

If an order containing values for stop custom data fields is consolidated into either a shipment or quote, those stop custom data fields will be passed to the shipment or quote created as a result of the consolidation. Only two custom fields can be displayed for stops.

Display person who created Shipments or Orders

The name of the individual that created a shipment or order displays on their respective details page.

If an order is consolidated by a different user than the order's originator, the new user displays as the creator of the Shipment.

Global search includes custom data fields

Users can now search across the platform for any custom data fields that have been created and applied to the following objects:

  • Shipments
  • Customer Profile

Pricing intel algorithm

An update to the model for Today's Predicted Pricing within the pricing intel tool makes predictions more accurate.

Predicted pricing results cleared between queries

Between successive requests made to the Pricing Intel tool, the previously returned Today’s Predicted Pricing results are cleared. Specifically, MY REFERENCE PRICE and MARKET RANGE display as "$--" when the inputs (i.e., Stop 1 Address, Stop 2 Address, Equipment Type) are changed and before new results are returned.

This avoids potential confusion as to which set of inputs the currently displayed results refer.

MY REFERENCE PRICE supports click-to-copy functionality

In the Today's Predicted Pricing section of the Pricing Intel tool, the MY REFERENCE PRICE now has a click-to-copy functionality.

Bug fixes

  • A correction was made so that when a user selects to create a new order, the line item card is expanded, eliminating the user's need to click on the line item to open it.

  • If one or more line items within an order have validation errors, those line items will be displayed in their open state, allowing them to see the error more easily.

  • Fixed a bug that closed modals before the user finished working in them.

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October 14, 2020

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