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Reference Data

Understand the standard codes and reference data used in the platform

Reference Data

The following sections outline the standard codes and data used throughout the Shipwell platform and APIs. Since we are constantly adding capabilities we have made these codes accessible through different API endpoints shown below. Note that the {{baseUrl}} endpoint must be one of the supported Environments



Lists pickup and delivery accessorials


Lists appointment type codes


Lists charge line item categories


Lists all currently support document types


Lists all equipment types and descriptions


Lists all hazardous material codes and associated descriptions


Lists all inputted NFMC codes currently in the system. A complete list is found here


Lists all packaging types currently supported the platform. Note that different carriers might provide different package types. In these instances we provide


Lists all parcel packaging types provided by each parcel provider. Note that we will continue to add more endpoints for the various providers.


Lists all service levels (e.g. standard, guaranteed) supported by the platform


Lists all shipment modes and descriptions supported by the platform


Lists all location types codes used in the API


Lists all supported statuses in the platform

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Reference Data

Understand the standard codes and reference data used in the platform

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