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September 2, 2020

EDI expanded to support additional tender methods

EDI shipment updates (214) can now be received and applied to shipments that originated from:

  • The Request Bid process
  • A carrier accepting a load from the load board

Multiple emails allow in billing email field and invoices

Users can now enter multiple email addresses in the billing email field on the Company page. The emails entered will display on the invoice that is generated.

Note that while the platform will allow multiple email addresses, Quickbooks has a limit of three email addresses per invoice. This feature will not generate an invoice if more then three emails are added.

To enter multiple billing invoices for a company, navigate to the Company page. Click the Add Additional Billing Email link to create a new email address field.

Allow unrecognized power unit numbers for Omnitracs carriers

When tracking a shipment assigned to a carrier that uses an Omnitracs ELD, it is now possible to enter an unknown truck number in the Power Unit field on the Shipment Details page under the Carrier & Equipment section.

The platform will attempt to validate that as-yet unrecognized Power Unit entry against the Omnitracs ELD platform. It will either track the shipment or return an error, depending on whether Omnitracs recognize that Power Unit as valid or not.

Display Do Not Use carriers in tenders and bid requests

In the Request Bids and Tender to Carrier modals on the Shipment Details > Carrier Bids page, users now see Do Not Use carriers listed within the Carrier dropdown, in a disabled state. This is intended to inform the user that these carriers are already members of the company’s carrier network. As such, do not need to be added, in case the user is trying to assign one of them to the shipment potentially.

State abbreviations on routing guides and contracts

On Routing Guides and Contracts, states may now be entered as locations using just a state abbreviation opposed to the full state name. Previously, using an abbreviation forced the manual entry modal, which took longer than writing the full name out.

Since states are likely to be entered with the two-letter abbreviation, this will make data entry more straightforward and more natural.

Abbreviations can also be used to filter both Routing Guides and Contracts even if the actual locations were not entered as abbreviations.

Automatically display matched routing guides on shipment

Routing Guides that match the shipment’s details are now automatically displayed for quick selection in most cases.

Shipments match to routing guides on mode, equipment, and lanes. A shipment set up for FTL, Dry Van, from Austin to New York will display routing guides that are set up with the same criteria even before typing.

A routing guide for the same lane but Drayage or Reefer will be filtered out.

Other limitations include

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug in which multiple Orders were created in CH Robinsons’s Navisphere TMS from a single Shipwell shipment

Updated 4 months ago

September 2, 2020

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