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Types of events

Types of events

The following is a list of all the types of events we currently send. We may add more at any time, so in developing and maintaining your code, you should not assume that only these types exist.

These events follow a pattern: resource.event, and resource.sub-resource.event. Our goal is a simple and robust system that we can maintain and create new and useful supply chain events. If you don't currently see the event you would like, please send a note to [email protected] and we will get it added.

NOTE on sub-resources

Events that occur on sub-resources like carrier.coverages.updated do not trigger the parent's update event it would trigger on the sub-resource.


Event Description
bill.created Occurs whenever a bill is created
bill.updated Occurs whenever any field on a bill is updated
bill.line_item.created Occurs whenever any line item line is created on a bill resource
bill.line_item.updated Occurs whenever any line item line is updated on a bill resource
carrier.created Occurs whenever a carrier is created
carrier.updated Occurs whenever any field on the carrier core resource changes
customer.created Occurs whenever a customer is created
customer.updated Occurs whenever any field is updated on the customer resource
invoice.created Occurs whenever an invoice is created
invoice.updated Occurs whenever any field on the invoice resource changes
invoice.line_item.created Occurs whenever any line item line is created on an invoice resource
invoice.line_item.updated Occurs whenever any line item line is updated on an invoice resource
purchase_order.created Occurs whenever a purchase order is created
purchase_order.updated Occurs whenever any field on a purchase order resource is updated
shipment.created Occurs whenever a shipment is created
shipment.updated Occurs whenever a shipment is updated
shipment.timeline_event.created Occurs whenever a timeline event is created on a shipment
shipment.timeline_event.updated Occurs whenever the timeline on a shipment is updated
shipment.status.updated Occurs whenever the status of a shipment is updated
shipment.bol.created Occurs whenever a Bill of Lading is generated for a shipment
shipment.rep.created Occurs whenever a Shipment Representative (Party) is created
shipment.charge_line_item.created Occurs whenever a shipment charge line item is created
shipment.stop.created Occurs whenever a shipment stop is created
shipment.dispatched Occurs whenever a shipment status changes to dispatched

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Types of events

Types of events

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