January 2022 - Present

March 2022

Intermodal Mode

A new shipment mode has been added called Intermodal which allows shippers to request Intermodal service from their carriers. This feature is designed to allow a shipper to request a carrier to perform all aspects of the Intermodal service (Dray, Rail, Dray

Import Orders

In the past, the Order Import tool only allowed new orders to be imported into the system. The Order Import process has now been changed to handle importing updates to existing orders. When the importer recognizes that an order already exists in the system, the older order information will be replaced with the most current version of the order in the import file.

Limits to Carrier Insurance Card

You can now manually add an insurance policy when creating a new carrier.


A company can add an RMIS integration from their Company profile. In order for you to link your account, you need to indicate an FTP host.

February 2022

Updates to Shipment Timelines

Updates to the Shipment Timelines view increase usability and simplify access to important timeline information. The timeline map now allows weather and traffic overlays to be selected. Click the Options settings icon in the upper left corner of the map allows the overlays to be turned on or off. For the traffic data to appear, you must zoom in on the map over a city for the map to display the data.

January 2022

Safer Watch - Full Carrier Data Sync

Over time we have seen the list of carriers in the Shipwell system may get out of sync with the list of carriers in the Saferwatch system due to adding and removing carriers. When you select Company > Integrations > SafterWatch, the Sync to Watch List button will perform a full carrier sync between the systems when set. You can manually kick off a full carrier sync if they believe carrier discrepancies between the systems.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where a stop email notification was sent to the point of contact when a carrier was assigned to a shipment.
  • Fixed loading error where Routing Guides would not load on Shipment Details page.
  • Increased timeout period for dispatches from specific regions.
  • Fixed bug where Routing Guides continue to tender the shipment to carriers after that carrier accepted a shipment.
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