May 2021 - December 2021

December 14, 2021

"Out for delivery" order status

A new status has been introduced to the order module to communicate to shippers when an order is Out for Delivery.

The criteria for an order to have such status is if the destination stop has a status of En Route and the planned date matches today’s date. A job runs every 15 minutes to check the progress of the order.

New views in Shipment details

A new "Workflows" tab in the Shipment details view shows the status of automated shipments. The statuses include "Running", "Complete", "Failed", "Canceled".

Bug fixes

We've fixed the following bugs:

  • The platform did not show expired contracts when selecting drop-down for choosing contract in tender action
  • Rate per mile was not being multiplied by the mileage when creating a linehaul expense.
  • A shipment stop point of contact received email notifications for Trailer ID Assigned emails. You can now disable this.
  • Some users were unable to see packing information on line items.

November 27, 2021

Shipwell has removed order statuses in order to simplify the order flow. New statuses are as follows:

  • Delivered - both the pickup and delivery stop for which the order is assigned have completed.
  • Dispatched - shipment on which the order is on has been dispatched and the order will be picked up on the planned pickup date
  • In Transit - the pickup stop for which the order is assigned has completed and the delivery stop for the order is en route
  • Assigned - order has been assigned to a shipment
  • Unassigned - order has been created but is not assigned to a shipment

October 27, 2021

Shipment Planning (Beta)

A shipment planning algorithm helps streamline the order consolidation process. When multiple orders are selected, characteristics such as geographic location, pick-up dates, and delivery dates create an optimum shipment itinerary.

Users will see the following new screen depicting the following:

  • Orders that were selected
  • Suggested shipment itinerary
  • Shipment Preview

Current algorithm rules:

  • If no dates are provided for orders, the shipment starts on the next day.
  • If all dates are provided for orders (both PU and DEL ranges), will use those dates in creating the itinerary
  • If partial dates are provided (only some have PU or DEL dates), all dates will be overwritten with tomorrow’s date. The algorithm creates an itinerary seven days out

Compass - Alert Updates

Users can assign individual Compass alerts to identify responsible parties to manage the alert condition. When a user is assigned, the system can send them an email notification or an in-app alert.

Resolved Alerts allow users to set the number of days they wish to keep Resolved Alerts active on the Compass Dashboard. The user can set the value between 1 and 7 days.

September 28, 2021


  • Compass now allows you to assign users to manage specific alerts. Select the Alert Actions drop down from the shipment tile and then choose Assign Alerts .
  • Users can now manually Resolve Compass alerts, which will remove the alert from the Compass dashboard. The system will automatically Resolve alerts when the alert criteria have been satisfied. For example, a Late Pick Up alert will be systematically Resolved when the shipment status changes to At Pickup. Users can manually Resolve an alert if they believe the alert is a non-issue and wish to remove it from the dashboard.
  • Compass now tracks the status of shipments to determine if an alert has been addressed or no longer valid due to the natural progression of shipment or stop status change.

September 1, 2021

New Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions for Shipments is an easy and time-saving way to apply the same update or workflow to multiple shipments.

On the Shipment Dashboard, select the shipments you want to update and choose the action of the upper right-hand corner “Shipment Bulk Actions” dropdown menu.

From this menu, you can:

  • Apply the same Routing Guide
  • Edit Pick-up and Drop dates are especially helpful when rolling over a shipment to a new date.
  • Tender one or more shipments to a Carrier.
  • Send check calls for multiple shipments all at once.

Fuel Surcharge Pricing

Added Fuel Surcharge Tables to contracts.

New Webhook events

External entities and systems use webbooks to consume Shipwell’s platform events to execute business logic or store information about transactions. We have added new events around the shipment object:

  • Shipment Stops
  • Carrier Equipment
  • Financial Accessorials
  • Shipment Line items

Bug Fixes

  • Fix delay loading the rep information on the customer page.
  • Fix an error where if someone submits a bid without a rate, the page just spun. Now, if a bid request is sent without a rate, a visible validation error is presented.
  • Fix issue where timeline card has been removed from the external tracking page on the mobile view.
  • Fix issue where Carrier profiles were not getting updated correctly during the nightly RMIS download.
  • Selecting “Shipment Bulk Action” and choosing “Tender to Carrier” would not allow the carrier to be chosen from the carrier dropdown. This issue has been corrected.

August 18, 2021

During this release, an email with carrier details such as name, phone, USDOT and MC Number was sent after booking a shipment. Now, this email shows just the carrier name.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a customer reference # was not entered on a shipment, the shipment name was being displayed with undefined.
  • Fixed issue not capturing PeopleNet location when breaking the location Geofences
  • Fixed timestamp on Automated Carrier Status Changes email.
  • Fixed shipment details page where it was unable to save carrier modal due to point of contact validation error.

July 29, 2021

Automated Carrier Status Update Based on RMIS Data

The Shipwell Carrier Status can now be automatically updated based on daily carrier data updates from the RMIS integration. This daily carrier information includes carriers:

  • RMIS Certification Status
  • Operating Authority Status
  • Safety Rating Status
  • Safety Rating Date
  • Insurance Status
  • Insurance Rating
  • Cargo Insurance Expiration
  • Cargo Insurance Amount

View RMIS data in the Carrier Details screen. After the daily carrier update occurs, a process runs to set the Shipwell Carrier Status based on customer configured rules stored in the system.

Bug fixes

  • You can now create more than 20 shipments at one time.
  • Improved the import carrier logic to require a phone number.
  • Fixed an issue where Drayage shipments did not include BOL and PRO reference numbers.
  • Fixed an issue with shipment requests would be "unable to book."
  • Fixed an issue where the first stop in a timeline would be labeled "Stop 0". Now all first stops are marked as "Stop 1".
  • Fixed an issue where already sent documents didn't appear on the shipment details page.
  • You can now print all shipment documents.

July 7, 2021

New Shipment Details page

The Shipment details page has undergone a significant refresh. The new shipment details experience streamlines the presentation of information and makes it easier to take actions to keep your execution humming along. There were several usability issues, bug fixes, and design updates that are now available.

On the right panel, you'll see a series of new shortcuts:

  • Actions: All actions related to a shipment, such as external tracking, generating a BOL, or cloning a load, are found here.
  • Messages: Send and receive messages from carriers and other parties involved in the shipment.
  • Documents: Access any documents related to the shipment, such as quotes or BOLs.
  • Notes: Add helpful notes related to the shipment.
  • Cases: Access the cases related to the shipment.

Navigation Tabs

These tabs represent the core of the shipment information needed to know which stops and goods are shipping. Along with the details, you will have access to Bids from carriers, Instant Rates (LTL only), tracking and timeline information, and financials of the shipment.

Each tab has collapsable cards with a streamlined display of information and contextual actions if needed to execute a specific step:

  • Shipment Details (default)
  • Bids
  • Instant Rates
  • Tracking
  • Financials

Left Pane

Displays information to key reference IDs, carrier and equipment, and the people assigned to the shipment. You can arrange and collapse these cards to provide you the necessary information you need.

  • References
  • Equipment
  • Reps

Responsive ETAs

An estimated time of arrival (ETA) describes when a truck expects to be at a stop. Shipwell ETAs can be obtained for shipments and currently factor in weather, traffic, and road condition considerations along the entire route. Additionally, the platform now computes ETAs based on the last location update.

When available, ETAs display in two places on the web platform:

  • On the Shipments Dashboard on the Side Panel view at the top of the panel
  • On the Shipment Details page in the upper-right corner of the (upcoming) Stop card

June 23, 2021


  • The Pricing Intel has a new layout to assist with the clarity of the tool.
  • Pricing Intel now contains the Price Forecasting Calendar . You can now see Today's Price, a lane confidence score, and 14 day price forecast. The tool allows users to take advantage of the flexibility with sourcing timelines.
  • The Pricing Intel now includes a Market Trends module that relays pricing trend data. The module captures Weekly Trends and Holiday Trends to empower tactical and strategic sourcing strategies for users to realize the best prices.
  • Compass now contains ETA data in shipment cards. This reflects the ETA for the next stop of a given shipment.

Bug fixes

  • Peoplenet constantly tracks and sends tracking updates to the SW platform. This was causing premature tracking updates on shipments in which the carrier selected uses Peoplenet. In order to remedy this, logic was added to ignore updates that are received prior to 2 hours before the shipment is to be executed. The updated logic is as follows:
    • If the shipment is in Dispatched status, the ELD tracking begins 2 hours before the dispatch date/time
    • If the shipment is not in Dispatched status, the ELD tracking should begin 2 hours before the ETA/Planned date and time
    • If the shipment is in Delivered status, all tracking updates should be ignored
    • Once tracking begins, it should continue until the shipment is delivered.
  • Fixed an issue where a shipment was marked as delivered yet tracking updates were still being posted.

May 26, 2021


  • Companies now have the ability to customize their Rate Confirmation documents for use with shipments generated via the platform.
  • Dimensions, white glove service level, room of choice service level, and threshold service level can now be sent to trading partners via EDI 204. These fields are optional, but can be used to communicate dimensions and service types to carriers or other individuals involved in the shipment.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed error where building a new shipment from the push to load board button did not work.
  • Ensured custom reference fields were not copied into a new shipment when cloning the shipment.
  • Fixed error where a carrier rep was not set during tender acceptance.
  • Fixed error where users could set 0 as a min or max temperature.

May 12, 2021


We are proud to announce the Shipwell Compass Event Dashboard, which informs you of potential problems within the supply chain. It provides alerts for the following:

  • Late Pickup: A carrier has not arrived at the pickup location and is X hours past the scheduled pickup time
  • Late Delivery: A carrier has not arrived at the delivery location and is X hours past the scheduled delivery time
  • Inactive Carrier Status: A carrier's status is Inactive or Do Not Use, but that carrier is still assigned to a current or future shipment
  • Not Tracking: A shipment is In Transit, but the system is receiving not tracking updates from the carrier
  • Carrier Not Assigned: A shipment is scheduled to be picked in X hours, but a carrier has not yet been assigned to the shipment
  • Running Late: A shipment has an ETA that is X hours beyond the scheduled pickup or delivery time of the next stop on the shipment

<img src={require('./images/compass.png')} />


  • Made improvements to the Digital Documents BOL . Access digital documents by going to Manage > Templates , and contains an improved interface.
  • Added Billing id as an optional field to the financials section of a shipment.
  • Added Billing id support for EDI 204 transactions.
  • Added support for updating shipments in bulk.
  • Fuel Surcharge line items may now be automatically added or updated when selecting the Fuel Surcharge Rate Table .

Bug fixes

  • Fixed error when clicking Import Field in the shipment importer didn't always active the import.
  • Fixed error where PeopleNet ELDs could not receive location data
  • Fixed error where new shipments did not use a default address book entry.
  • Fixed error where help screen did not appear.
  • Enabled bids for shipments in draft status.
  • Updated carrier addition system to account for FMCSA changes.
  • Resolved issue where a user could not delete carriers.
  • Resolved issue where a shipment with weight override enabled had line item weights appear in update emails.
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