There are two base URLs for making API calls, one for production and the other for training, development, or testing. As a developer, you can test with the Sandbox APIs and then deploy to production by switching your integration to the production base URLs. The base URLs for the two APIs are as follows:

Environment Base URL
Production https://api.shipwell.com/v2
Sandbox https://sandbox-api.shipwell.com/v2

These URLs work for all API endpoints, with exception to any Event and Webhook endpoints.

Note that these two environments are completely separate. Use the sandbox environment to test API calls with mock data. Any requests made to the sandbox environment do not carry over into the production environment. All 3rd party connections to carriers, vendors will not make production calls. You will need to specify an API version in the URL to get the specific version of the API endpoint.


Our current versioning scheme utilizes a /vN major version scheme in the URL where N is the version number, i.e. /v2. Use of the endpoints above and append a /v2 to your {{baseUrl}}, with exception to the Event and Webhook endpoints. We will be moving towards version dates in the header in subsequent deployments.

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