When an update happens in your Shipwell supply chain account, both through the Shipwell UI and API, Shipwell, it creates a new Event. Create a new shipment request, and then that request becomes a shipment_request.create in Shipwell's events database.

Any semantic event that occurs in the Shipwell system creates an event object, triggered most commonly by a change of a resource or subresource. Because they are the most common event updates, they are all appended with a common schema:

  • Object creation: .created
  • Object updated: .updated
  • Object deleted: .deleted

All other event types (i.e. shipment.dispatched) contain event-specific details. For a list of these details, see Types of Events.

As with other API resources, you can use endpoints to retrieve an individual event or a list of events from the API.

Data contained in event objects can also be sent as a payload to your applications with webhooks guide.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Access to events through the Retrieve Event API is guaranteed only for 60 days. Older events may be available, but this is not guaranteed.

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