Types of events

The following is a list of all of Shipwell's event types and when they occurs.

These events follow a pattern: resource.event, and resource.sub-resource.event. If you don't currently see the event you would like, please send a note to support@shipwell.com and we will get it added.

NOTE on sub-resources

Events that occur on sub-resources like carrier_relationship.updated do not trigger the parent's update event. Instead, it triggers on the sub-resource itself.

Event Description Event version
bill.created Occurs when any bill is created 1
bill.creation_requested Occurs when a bill is requested from a tender 1
bill.line_item.updated Occurs when any line is updated on a bill resource 1


Event Description Event version
carrier_relationship.created Occurs when a carrier is created 1
carrier_relationship.updated Occurs when a carrier is updated 1


Event Description Event version
customerrelationship.accountreps.updated Occurs when a customer's account representatives have been updated 1
customer_relationship.created Occurs when a customer is created 1
customerrelationship.salesreps.updated Occurs when a customer's sales representative is update 1
customer_relationship.updated Occurs when any field is updated on the customer resource 1


Event Description Event Version
invoice.created Occurs when an invoice is created 2, 3
invoice.creation_requested Occurs when an invoice is requested 1
invoice.line_item.created Occurs when any line item line is created on an invoice resource 2, 3, 4
invoice.line_item.updated Occurs when any line item line is updated on an invoice resource 1
invoice.send_email Occurs when an invoice is sent to a related user's email 1
invoice.updated Occurs when any field on the invoice resource changes 1

Purchase order

Event Description Event Version
purchase_order.created Occurs when a purchase order is created 1
purchase_order.updated Occurs when any field on a purchase order resource is updated 1


Event Description Event Version
shipment.created Occurs when a shipment is created 1
shipment.timeline_event.created Occurs when a timeline event is created on a shipment 1
shipment.timeline_event.updated Occurs when the timeline on a shipment is updated 2
shipment.status.updated Occurs when the status of a shipment is updated 1
shipment.bol.created Occurs when a Bill of Lading is generated for a shipment 1
shipment.rep.created Occurs when a shipment representative (party) is created 1
shipment.dispatched Occurs when a shipment is dispatched 1
shipment.chargelineitem.created Occurs when a shipment charge line item is created 1
shipment.stop.created Occurs when a shipment stop is created 1
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