Reference data

The following endpoints can be used to obtain the standard codes and data used throughout the Shipwell platform and APIs. Note that the {{baseUrl}} endpoint must be one of the supported environments .

Endpoint Description
{{baseUrl}}/shipments/accessorials/ Lists pickup and delivery accessorials
{{baseUrl}}/shipments/appointment-types/ Lists appointment type codes
{{baseUrl}}/shipments/charge-line-item-categories/ Lists charge line item categories
{{baseUrl}}/documents/document-types/ Lists all currently support document types
{{baseUrl}}/shipments/equipment-types/ Lists all equipment types and descriptions
{{baseUrl}}/shipments/hazmat/ Lists all hazardous material codes and associated descriptions
{{baseUrl}}/shipments/nmfc/ Lists all inputted NFMC codes currently in the system. A complete list is found here
{{baseUrl}}/shipments/package-types/ Lists all packaging types currently supported the platform. Note that different carriers might provide different package types. In these instances we provide {{baseUrl}}/quoting/fedex/package-types/
{{baseUrl}}/quoting/ups/package-types/ and {{baseUrl}}/quoting/usps/package-types/ Lists all parcel packaging types provided by each parcel provider. Note that we will continue to add more endpoints for the various providers.
{{baseUrl}}/shipments/service-levels/ Lists all service levels (e.g. standard, guaranteed) supported by the platform
{{baseUrl}}/shipments/shipment-modes/ Lists all shipment modes and descriptions supported by the platform
{{baseUrl}}/location-types/ Lists all location types codes used in the API
{{baseUrl}}/shipments/statuses/ Lists all supported statuses in the platform
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